♥ Welcome to my World where I type anything those my ups and downs in a fcked up yet beautiful cycle called LIFE . Judging is allowed,well cuz people will still judge anyways ♥



who am i ? 
a messed up-kind of monster-like girl that tries hardcore to chase her 
gorgeously imagined dreams in her beautifully-created life . 
sounds like its going to be good all the way! 
ha-ha so yeah, i wanna skips those silly & supadupa long introduction in every blogs i've read 
but then i realized, its a usual formality LOL i should know it earlier
fiiy for short , and i suggest it should be always short everytime 
18 and hoping that the number will stops there silently 
age is just a number ? hell-no bro you must be mentally retarded if u think like that .